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Lobster Shack-wildwood
Where can you go to at the New Jersey Shore and get a steak, lobster tail with drawn butter (yum), baked potato, vegetable, rolls and butter for $12.99? Lobster Shack - wildwood, NJ
Lobster Shack - wildwood, NJ The Lobster Shack, open seven days a week in the heart of Wildwood, is the answer. Once you go for the early bird special, you’ll plan your day around this great surf and turf restaurant.
From the sharks hanging overhead to the nautical brass accents the entire décor oozes with salty sea adventure but don’t let that fool you. The specialty of the house may be lobster but more than half the hungry vacationers visiting the Lobster Shack are there for the ribs. Done to perfection with that tangy barbeque sauce, the ribs melt in your mouth. I’m getting hungry just thinking about them. Lobster Shack - wildwood, NJ
Lobster Shack - wildwood, NJ The word is already out about the Lobster Shack and it’s a popular destination but you will gladly stand in line with many other weekend diners, to satisfy your urge for great food at sensational prices. How do they do it? The wait staff is professional. The cashier is experienced and friendly. The owner/chef is to be commended for the atmosphere and all-important high quality.
So the next time you decide to watch the Friday night fireworks, stop by the Lobster Shack for dinner then take a few steps up to the Boardwalk and enjoy the show. Lobster Shack - wildwood, NJ
Lobster Shack - wildwood, NJ The Lobster Shack is located on Wildwood Avenue at the Boardwalk, just across the street from a large parking lot.
You can travel to the Lobster Shack from almost anywhere in Wildwood Crest, Wildwood and the North Wildwood Boardwalks simply by taking the $2.00 tram ride. Lobster Shack - wildwood, NJ
Lobster Shack
401 East Wildwood Avenue
Wildwood, NJ 08260